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The original since 1955

MicroWOOD® offers wooden envelopes, wood business cards, wooden greeting cards and more wooden goodies.
The Original since 1955.
* 100% Wood
* Our Micro Veneer is 1/10 mm thin
* Extreme Flexible
* 70% handmade
* No water or chemicals are used during production (eco)
* 80% less losts then other woodprocesses

MicroWOOD® is a natural product and comes out of well managed forests.
Every piece is unique with it’s own individual structure, surface and colorpattern.

MicroWOOD® ist highly flexible and doesn't break as all the other veneers.
Feel, touch and even smell the natural beauty of wood.

MicroWOOD® opens up a broad new field for you to explore.
It offers you a versatility to use natural, living wood as you never did before.

"Made Just For You"

We have the possibility to deliver ready made products on your demand, because with our printer and laser,
every project, small or big, can be done here intern with the most care.

We make for example : Wood Business Cards, Wooden Wedding Cards (whole concepts), Invitations for company's,
,Wood tags, Wooden Greeting Cards for Birthday, Printed wooden Christmas Cards...etc. Creativity has no limits with our veneer.

Ask for your own "made just for you" project : info@microwood.com
or call us from Monday-Friday from 8 a.m till 16 p.m
+32/(0) 53 66 77 55

Questions or information requests can be send to us on our contactpage.

By sending us your informations on the contactpage, you agree with our Privacy policy that you find here : http://microwood.com/terms-and-conditions

We'll be pleased to help you in English, German, Dutch and French.
With kind Greetings, Your MicroWOOD Team

Experience the essence of Cedar Wraps by taken any meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wood Cuisine's Gourmet Cedar Wraps (by MicroWOOD®) will enhance the flavor, moisture and presentation of the food of your choice.
Just roll the food in the wrap and place it in the oven,steamer or on a grill for a delicious smokey taste, whether you're using beef, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables or fruit...

On the left side of this website you'll find additional informations,photos and recepies. The wraps won't add any additional fats or sugars to your own mouthwathering dish and they are easy to use. We wish you already culinairy pleasure!


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