In loving memory

Dear all,

Many of you already know that we will close our family business soon due to private reasons.

We will finish approx. at the end of this year 2021.

Believe us if we say that it was the hardest decision ever to make in our life.

A heartbreaking rollercoaster of endless emotions that runs through us.

We´ve put our heart, passion, sweat, tears and soul in our business. Day in and day out.

We will miss the contact with you all , the small and the long talks we had.

Most of the time for professional reasons and sometimes they ended also in private talks. Some clients felt more than just clients.

An era will end.

MicroWOOD® will not exist anymore after more then 66 years.

1955 – 2021

Please think of us if you see our MicroWOOD®, if you touch it, work with it, write or print on it or even sell it… But please never forget it. ❤

We wish you all the very best and we hope that you will carry us and our product MicroWOOD® in your hearts.

We will miss you like crazy.

Thank you. Bedankt. Vielen Dank. Merci.

In loving memory of the best, the one and only, Wolfgang Schirrmann † 2021 - CEO of MicroWOOD®

Love and viritual hugs, Team MicroWOOD® - W.T.+T. BVBA
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