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Wooden Wedding Cards


Wooden Wedding Cards - Huwelijkskaarten van hout - Carte de marriage en bois - Hochzeitskarten in Holz

MicroWOOD offers wooden wedding cards, envelopes, name cards,
tamble numbers save the dates,ect. that are made of real wood!
Special wishes deserve a special card.

‚̧Double Folded wooden wedding wards or Postcards in wood
‚̧Printed or Laser Engraved

The wooden wedding cards won't break because of the extreme flexibilty of our wood and
can easily be cut out by a knife, sciccors, punching...
You can also write on the wood greeting cards with ease, with a ballpen, stamp the cards,
draw on them with a marker or pencil.
Every wooden greeting card is unqiue and different from one another.

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